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01. Estates


From advice to what has to be attended to immediately after your loved one has passed away, to the application for a grant of probate or letters of administration and subsequent administration of the estate assets. We aim to provide an efficient, cost effective and empathetic service to you. We shall do all that is necessary for you to meet the legal requirements or, maybe you wish us to undertake only some of the task and guide you to carry out the other matters involved yourself. We work with you according to your needs.

In particular, our work includes the following:

  • Taking instructions relating to the deceased, the executors, the beneficiaries and the assets and liabilities of the deceased;

  • Carrying out inquiries with asset holders eg. bank, financial institutions etc;

  • Drafting necessary documents for application of Representation, Iprobabte or letters of Administration;

  • Advertising proposed applications;

  • Having documents signed and lodged at court and dealing with any inquiries from the court;

  • Following grant meeting requirements of asset holders to call in the assets;

  • Paying debts and attending to distribution to beneficiaries and final accounting.

Other work in relation to estate that may be required includes:

  • Sorting through estate documents;

  • Searches for a Will;

  • Advising on any question of an informal Will;

  • Establishing who is entitled to share in an estate;

  • Advising on relationship of trusts, superannuation and insurance;

  • Advice on rights of persons entitled to claim against the estate.

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